Meredith Handakas

Meredith Handakas has a decade of successful experience working with non-profit organizations throughout the country. She developed her skillset in non-profit excellence through her work with the Roy R. Charles Charitable Trust, Lewis & Clark Leadership, Inc., One Voice Chorus, Bryan & Jordan Consulting, LLC, and Virginia Non-Profit Associates, LLC.

Ms. Handakas holds undergraduate degrees in business and management from Shepherd University. She spent ten years working for an international printing company. This presented exposure to broad business capabilities and provided insights across multiple lines of business. She developed expertise in when and how to best communicate and how to navigate complex relationships to achieve goals. She is especially skilled at following a project through its lifecycle, identifying obstacles, and creating an action plan to overcome those obstacles. 

Ms. Handakas gained proficiency in executive search as an Executive Recruiter for Bostonian Personnel and for ADS Financial Services Solutions. Her demonstrated strength is for guiding institutions through periods of change in leadership and strategic redefinition.

 Ms. Handakas assisted the Roy R. Charles Charitable Trust establish Lewis & Clark Leadership, Inc, whose mission was to provide teens with outdoor leadership experiences. She served its founding Executive Director and as an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors.

As an independent consultant, with Bryan & Jordan Consulting, LLC, and with Virginia Non-Profit Associates, LLC, Ms. Handakas has vast experience working with educational institutions, nonprofit organizations focused on art, culture, and social services, historic organizations, and museums. In addition to her experience with executive search, Mrs. Handakas provides assistance with board development, strategic planning, SWOT Analysis, and feasibility studies. Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative evaluation methodology, Ms. Handakas makes recommendations and provides training that provide an assurance of relevancy, efficiency, and sustainability to her clients.